How An Indian Call Center Worker Achieved His Dream With A Simple Invention

It’s not everyday that people invent something very simple that makes them incredibly successful, but this is the story of one Indian man you will never have heard of that happened to come up with a genius idea that has already made him a very profitable entrepreneur.

Raj Bansal had spent many years working in call centers. As is common, call center workers develop circulation and back problems which Raj had also started to suffer from. He decided to take matters into his own hands and he started trying to solve the problem. He had seen standing desks online but they weren’t very practical and were very expensive.

He started to think about how he could redesign the office chair that he sat in, and suddenly it hit him, he had seen gyms using a large ball to sit on to strengthen core muscles and in a stroke of genius he created a hard rubber ball that would be placed in between the top of the office chair pole and the seat. “The ball is hard but when someone sits on it, it moves slightly in all directions so your core muscles are engaged to balance yourself. This strengthens core and back muscles and improves circulation.” he told us.

What is even more impressive is that it can be retro fitted to most office chairs so that this small relatively cheap device can still be fitted.

It wasn’t an easy ride for Raj though, when he first asked his office if he could modify his chair to test the device, his supervisor told him that the chair was theirs so he would have to buy it off them, just in case he broke it. One day after he had bought it and had been testing the device at work, the CEO to the company there for a meeting, happened to walk by his desk and saw the device. He was confused at first but he was humble and sat in the chair and he was astonished.

6 months later and with help from that CEO, Raj is now looking at multi-million dollar licensing deals to existing office chair manufacturers.

It just goes to show that when you least expect it, life can force you to need to find a solution to something that changes your life forever.

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